Life as a J Student

Hi there! Welcome to my website and blog. 

As you probably know by now, my name is Siân Joan Kavanagh. This website is a collection of some of my favourite pieces as an artist and journalist, and my professional work. The basic premise being people will see the things I can do and say, "For the love of all things caffeinated, call this girl immediately and hire her to journalise all of the things." 

I've been studying at the University of Oregon for the past 3 years, but I only truly discovered my passion for journalism last year, in the Summer of 2013, all thanks to the Gateway course (an intro class that is mandatory to all journalism students). 

Gateway was a daunting experience, I was convinced I was doomed to failure and lacked the basic journalistic talents that all my peers seemed to possess, but one day it clicked: No one else really had a clue either. I wasn't alone, in fact, I was actually pretty good at this whole journalism thing. 

From applying to work for Envision to venturing out into realms I've never really studied (PR and communications) I have learnt so much this past year, and the experience has been absolutely priceless. 

So here I am wrapping up some of my final classes in Eugene, OR, and wondering what is coming next for me: will I jet off and one day become the BBC foreign correspondent I always dreamt of being? Will I find a niche in communications? Will I figure it out on my own, or will someone help me guide the way?

So many questions, and never enough answers. Alas, that is the #lifeasajstudent. 

- S