Siân Joan Kavanagh 


Siân is currently a journalism student at the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication expecting to graduate by the end of 2014. 
Originally from Liverpool, England, she is a prolific traveler and explorer, and draws inspiration from her adventures in her photography, writing, and living. 
Her small, yet powerful, Canon 450D has been an extension of her body since 2008. Siân took her first photography course in 2010, and it was an eye opening experience for her.
Siân currently works as a photographer for Envision Magazine and OR Magazine, as well as having had work published by KVAL news in Eugene, Oregon.
Apart from photography, Siân also has skills and experience in writing, television production, communication and client relations, social media skills, and presentation. 
Siân also has a decent fluency in Spanish, Dutch, and French, having lived in four different countries and traveled to over 25 various countries so far. She wishes to continue traveling regularly for the foreseeable future, and hopes to travel for her career after graduation.